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2018 The Globe and Mail; Womxn Paint
2017 3331


2017, AIR 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

About Erin

Erin is an artist working in Toronto, Canada. With a background in Illustration and Theatre, she creates images that exist on paper, walls, objects, spaces, and stages. Erin is interested in using imagery as an opportunity to explore the world.

Drawing and painting form the backbone of Erin’s practice. Inspired by myth and fiction, she is interested in revisiting stories and connecting them to current issues. She is particularly passionate about using art for social change. The theoretical works of Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire inform her approach to performance creation and producing art within communities.

Some of her current interests include shadow puppetry, book illustration, short animation, murals, and various types of collage. She is also open to new opportunities to collaborate with artists.

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OCAD University, Canada (2013―2017)
Bachelor of Design, Illustration.
University of Ottawa, Canada (2004―2009)
Honours Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a concentration in Visual Arts.


Year End Exhibition, Kensington Art Academy, Toronto, Canada, 2018.
What the Fukunishi, Graven Feather Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2018.
Small Works, Small Space, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada, 2017. 
A Festivus for the Rest of Us, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, Canada, 2017. 
Curio: Shadow Box Show, Earl Selkirk Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2017. 
Creative Futures Expo, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada, 2017.
GradEx 102, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 2017.
Homework, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, Canada, 2017. 
Oneirataxia, Toronto Fringe, Toronto, Canada, 2014. 
Inspired, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 2014. 
Drawing at First Sight, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 2013.


Applied Arts Student Award, 2017 (Disappearing Neighbourhoods/Government's Response to Neglected Social Housing/The Instability of Housing)

Runner up - Creative Quarterly 49, 2017 (The Lack of Affordable Housing in Toronto)

Semi Finalist - Adobe Design Achievement Awards, 2017 (Disappearing Neighbourhoods/Government's Response to Neglected Social Housing)